SAPA Judges Training & Discussion Evenings: 2019 - 2020

Below is a list of the training evenings for anyone who would like to consider becoming a SAPA judge. We can’t stress enough how desperate the situation now is with lots of retirements but very few coming forward to join the list. If clubs want to continue with the competitions we all have and enjoy, we need YOU to consider offering your services. We will be happy to offer you all the training and
support you need. Thank you





11th Oct ‘19

Overview of Judging and Assessing

Rob Barron

22nd Nov ‘19

Low Light Photography

Trevor Prince &
Brian Tarling

13th Dec ‘19

Travel Photography

Paul Thackeray

24th Jan ‘20

Digitally Manipulated and Composite Pictures

Rob Barron

21st Feb ‘20

Portrait Photography

Brian Tarling

13th Mar ‘20

Wildlife Photography

Eric Kennedy

17th Apr ‘20

Landscape and Seascape Photography

Graham Brough

8th May ‘20

New Judges Assessment Evening

Rob Barron


We look forward to seeing you in September ?